The Hair on my Head

Ain't mine

aliexpress full lace wig turned into a u-part

So i killed my hair going blonde!!! (Stay tuned for pics)

I’m presently wearing full lace wigs cut into u parts.

Here’s a glimpse:



p.s thats my son in the background;)


Braids color 280

Photo on 2016-01-12 at 12.30 PM #2


Just so you know..the color looks nice for like..1 week then you get tired of it!



Its been sooo long!

My loc grew so long!!


This is how long it grew




But it took a few hairstyles to get to those!!


I can’t even put dates on when they were..


Catherine Marion Jessica U part wig

(Sorry for my chubby cheeks, I was 32 weeks pregnant!)


This is a 20′ yaki straight u part wig from


I ended up taking my dreads out cuz I was balding in the front….


I’ll get back to you!!




A few hair updates

So here has been my hair for a few months;


I currently have self-made dreads in my hair. BUT you know me…I covered them with BRAIDS. lol. So each loc is braided up with kanekalon extensions. I kinda like this better. I have less braids on my head. When I do take down my braids, all the sections are already done and the maintenance is very easy. They look really nice I think and when they do grow out, I think its gonna look very pretty.


Here is how they looked like when I first twisted them up;

Photo on 2014-04-03 at 11.42 AM


When I put my braids back in, I went back to braid color 2 with a mix of a light colour 33 in my hair

Here’s how it turned out.



I then realized that I liked the “on purpose” color of black, so I dyed it black and put color 1b braids in my head



Unfortunately, the color didn’t take, my hair was still a bit brown, so I ended up dying it with a jet black dye and here was the outcome



My hair is STILL not as black as I want it to be but I shall make do with what I have.


Meanwhile, my hair is currently out of these braids.I took them down so I can retwist my locs and then braid them back up again. Here is the growth





I have to be careful to not let my braids grow out too much so that it doesnt pull on my roots.


Anyways, will catch up soon enough!





Color 35 braids!

Soooo….I couldnt take the color 30 anymore and decided to unbraid chunks of sections of my hair and rebraid it with color 35 braids. They’re dark blood red color.




Unfortunately, my red hair grew out and left me back with dark roots so the color doesn’t pop like the color 33 one I had. They’re OK… I used the Xpression hair and boy, they are heavy! They’re a thicker texture so you have to use less hair per strand. I made the mistake at first of using too much hair per strand so some of them were really chunky and had to redo a few.

I think my next new project will be to go back to a darker color. I’m still not giving up on finding a maintainable stylish color so I’m not going back to black just yet. I was thinking a darker brown. Like an exaggerated brown. Very chocolate.


Stay tuned!!


Color 30 Box braids

Color 30 box braids

Uhhh..this color is taking a bit of time to get used too. I feel like it matches my skintone too much and I look really bland!! AHHH I need to change my makeup.


And here’s myself and my boyfriend:) I don’t think he’s a fan though he says I look beautiful.

Here’s how my hair looked like a month ago:


Sorry, I was “up there” if you know what I mean.

But I’m having fun experimenting with color..

Stay tuned for the next project…

Couldn’t do it!!

I ended up cutting up my 20′ wig sooo badly! Into layers. I dont even know what happened! I kept cutting and cutting!


Needless to say, I went back to braids! Will post soon!

Braids are out. Time for new project!

My braids were back on temporally while I had been thinking of my next project.



They were back to my Color 33 microbraids.

The only look different because Instead of re-dying my hair red again, I had kept my black hair since I had dyed my hair jet black at least 3 times so it can blend with my wigs.

At the moment. I have my 20′ in “Sasha” sitting on my dresser awaiting to be sown unto my head. I’m going to try to play with it in order to have a swoopy bang-ey look that requires little to no maintenance.

At the moment, I’m noticing the growth!




I used the cantu leave-in conditioner to soften my hair while I detangled it and put it into a ponytail! It looks really cute and has really grown since the last time I had it out. It’s not cute enough to wear out OF COURSE but cute enough to maybe play out with it in the summertime.

I’m gonna try to nurse my hair with the use of my wigs those next few months in order to be able to wear my hair in a cute little bun during the hot summer days. I also plan to eventually dye my hair back to light brown so I’m gonna try to be really careful with heat styling and making sure my hair is conditioned and washed religiously over the next few months! What changed is that I’m able to put my hair into a ponytail really easily as opposed to really having to push my hair into a bun. The big chop is FINALLY paying off!!





My these last few months

My hair has taken QUITTEEEE the journey. I’ve experienced with so much hairstyles that I dont even know how to break them all down. All I can do it post post and post!

Image This is my summer hair. My default bike around, loungy hair. I micro-braid them color-1b. I will ALWAYS go back to this hairstyle when I’m too lazy to do anything with them. ALWAYS.



Image I wanted to change my look so I had to take my braids out. Unfortunatly it was during the week, so I had to come up with a way to not look like a peasant girl with my unmanagable sheeps’ wool hair! What I did was take a whole pack of braid kanekalon hair and wrap it up in a “bun”. If I had known that I could purchase a real fake fake, I wouldve done it!


 Image I let this girl do my weave. It looks SOOO bad that I had to put it half-up half done. I was going out with my boyfriend to a comedy show so it looked cute for that date but I took out that hair like..the next day. I couldnt do it! Paid 60$ too!! Grrrr!





Those two I did myself. I was like F THIS! and tried doing it with the help of youtube videos. I sat for like…5-6 hours. It was sooo painful. didn’t even look good(n)! took it out within 2 days.

I got tired of trying to do weaves so I got the bright idea to maybe do a full-lace wig with my own hair out. 


At first I tried the idea with a raggedy old full lace from But the hair was suuchhhh cheap quality, and my hair straightener was crap, so it turned out like this:



CHEAPO QUALITY. LOOKS BADDDDDDDDD!!! Gets all stiff and matted and horrible. Worst money I’ve spent.

So then I invested in for a wig I’d be eyeing down like MAD. Her name is April. A curly unit with an ombre look. It was supposed to be a color 30 at the bottom with around #2 roots. But I tried dying the roots black to match with my black hair and it went into a hot mess:

Image Good hair quality, nice curls. Good lace structure and density. But I don’t really like curly hair on me. So I straightened it!


Thought it looked SUPER natural and I was able to blend it in quite nicely. I kept on puffin up and looking too ratchet for my taste. I could easily achieve this look with my blowdried natural hair! Whats the point in that?! Wigs are supposed to help you achieve what you own hair can’t do!

So I went back to my original idea of wanting nice straight black natural hair.

Sooo…this is what I’m presentlty wearing:



This hair by is DA BIZNAZ!! This company never fails me. Her name is Sasha. She’s a body curl but I dont like curls so I straightened it. The hair is suchhh good quality and the density is amazing. The hair texture doesnt matt up and get all tangled like other wigs I’ve received. She’s a color 1, small cap. next time I’ll get a Medium cap because either my cornrows are too big or my head is! I basically took out a SMALLLLLL perimeter of my hair, straighten it and then I blend. The black in my hair is kinda faded so I kinda have to do a rinse. lo. but other than that. It looks REALLY nice. No maintenance. Definately better than braids and certainly more realistic than the lace wig part!

If you have any quiestions,  feel free to askkkkk!!!






Photo on 2013-03-04 at 10.37 AM

Self-done color 33 micro-braids. I had to dye my hair with a “Spiced Auburn” from the dark’n’ lovely box so my roots wouldn’t look wack! lol.